Hey there everyone! and welcome to our Dev Blog!

Here at LTG, it has been a roller coaster ride, we have had a few ups and downs, but this is not going to deter us from bringing more games for you to enjoy!

Lunar Tech Gaming has veen very quiet for the last while, because we have been busy working on a few long term projects, juggling full time jobs (which for now takes up alot of our time) and bringing you games every now and again to let you know we are still here!

And we are here to stay!

What we have been up to the last few months:

We have released a few games in the past months and have had some great feedback from the community as well as some not so great criticism, but we take it all in our stride. Our team has updated, fixed and squashed bugs of the games that we have released on platforms like: Kongregate.

The last few games that we have released on Kongregate have been:

As it stands today these games have been played and rated on Kongregate as follows:

Sadly because of how some of these games did, we decided not to work on them any further as we felt that our efforts are best put into our long term projects and a few smaller ones which we will release in the following months to come.

So now we have our sights set on putting more content into our other ideas like project name: 3D Sandbox, our nearly finished games and new concepts...

The team here at LTG has sat down and plotted out a course of action for the future, where we want to go, what we want to do and where we see ourselves in 5 years...

Here is a sneak peek into what we have planned:


We know how hard it is for an Indie Developer Team or the 'One man show' to get exposure, so we want to lend a helping hand where we take games from sites like IndieVideoGames.com and review them. Not only to share them on our Facebook Group but to play them as well.

We here at LTG have always appreciated it when someone plays our games and says:"hey, how about you add this, or do that?" or even when they say that there was something wrong, so that we can fix it.

So we want to do this in a more entertaining fashion rather than just typing it out.
Enter YouTube!

And not only are we planning to make review videos, but others as well like: showing you what we love playing, what we are getting up to, how to's, interviews, tips and tricks and much much more!

Not to mention our DevBlog!

LTG believes that keeping you, our community up-to-date with what is happening is important. Whether it be a game update, new fixes, news on the company or the world, we want you to know what is what!

The possibilities are endless! and that is the point. We want to reach for the stars and take you all on a journey with us.

From everyone here at Lunar Tech Gaming, we would like to take a moment and thank you! yes, you reading this article, you playing our games, you sharing or liking one of our posrts. We want to thank you for all the support that you have shown us, for playing our games, the feedback given and the time you took for reading this!

We are only going to get better at our craft, move forward and learn from our past experiences. We believe that every experience no matter whether it be a good or a bad one is a stepping stone to greatness.

So from us here at Lunar Tech Gaming, we say thank you once again and see you next time!

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