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"vast array of products to discover"

Manufactor is an idle game combined with old school style managerial games like newspaper manager.

You start out with some basic products and cash and run your company for 100 years. Unlike other idle games this not only gives the game an ending but a better to way for players to judge their performance and present them with the challenge of trying to better it the next time around.

The gameplay has several stages starting with the purchasing of raw materials which can then be used to produce various products which can either be sold or used as components in more advanced products. The more that goes into a product, the more money it can be sold for.

The acquiring of raw materials and such can be automated through procurement, for example by purchasing iron ore mines you wont need to buy iron ore and will receive it from your mines, the more mines you own, the more you will receive. Although the ore is then free the mines do cost money to buy.

In a similar fashion, the production of products can also be automated by purchasing specialized factories that will run around the clock providing you have the materials to create at least one unit of the product that it manufactures.

New materials, products and the means of automating them can be unlocked through research which will gradually take longer and cost more but is worth the investment in the vast array of products to discover as they become more valuable as you progress.

Finally, the most important part in making some cash for your manufacturing business is the sales team. You can hire a number of sales managers that are able to sell different tier products at varying speeds. You can also choose which product they should sell. They will sell around the clock and bring in cash for you to spend on materials, factories and new product research.

The game is currently at alpha and we have not yet released a public version for players to try, if you are interested in play testing it please contact us.

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