Nano Brick

Nano Brick


The USS Nano Brick in action
Dodge meteors and bounce off mines!
Upgrade, fly far and prosper

"unique and fun"

Captain, the USS Nano Brick is standing by! We need to test how far she can go! Take part in this great stride forward for all mankind.

Our most recent release is a unique and fun little launch game that you can play in your browser. We have added an exciting new upgrade system recommended by our players.

There is now 8 unique and cool upgrades to choose from. Check it out by clicking the upgrade button in the main menu.
The further you go the more upgrade points you will earn! Going above 250 height will now trigger a meteor storm, better upgrade that new meteor shield! The ship physics have been completely reworked to make it more realistic.

What are you waiting for captain? Let's get to the launch pad!

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